The C.R.I.M.E. Report

CRIME Special Report
*Final Exam

It's final exam time! The CRIME Report has brought you the latest stories on civil rights in the Middle East throughout the spring semester. Now it's time to test yourself: take this quiz to see what kind of an activist you are.

1. Which celebrity judge came up with the idea for the "Dream Deferred Essay Contest?"
A) Azar Nafisi
B) Ahmed Benchemsi
C) Ammar Abdulhamid

2. Forced vacation: Which country sent thousands of workers packing this spring?
A) Syria
B) Morocco
C) United Arab Emirates

3. Why did the UAE launch the "Excuse me, I'm a Girl" campaign?
A) To promote women's rights in schools and offices.
B) To make sure women citizens acted in a "feminine" manner.
C) To get Emiratis to be more polite.

4. Why did a group of students in Tunisia go on a hunger strike?
A) They wanted to skip exams.
B) They wanted to enroll in school despite an official ban.
C) They acted in solidarity with silenced journalists.

5. Which civil rights activist was put under "house arrest" by an angry mob?
A) Radio Kalima manager Siham Bensadrine
B) Noble Prize-winner Shirin Ebadi
C) "Ni Putes Ni Soumises" President Sihem Habchi

6. Telecom giant Nokia provided surveillance equipment to which goverment?
A) Iran
B) Bahrain
C) Tunisia

Bonus: In 2008, HAMSA released the first Arabic edition of "The Montgomery Story," the Martin Luther King Jr. comic book on nonviolence. In what other language has the comic book just been published?

Question 1 - C) Ammar Abdulhamid
Question 2 - C) United Arab Emirates
Question 3 - B) To make sure women citizens acted in "feminine" manner.
Question 4 - A) They wanted to enroll in school despite an official ban.
Question 5 - B) Noble Prize-winner Shirin Ebadi
Question 6 - A) The Iranian Government
Bonus Question - Vietnamese. A reform movement in Vietnam was inspired by the impact of the Arabic comic book and, with encouragement from HAMSA, recently published: "Martin Luther King va Cau Chuyen Montgomery."

1-2 answers correct: Novice, you've got the interest but need more info.
3-4 answers correct: Amateur, you have potential. Stick with it!
5-6 answers correct: Expert, you really know your CRIME.
7 answers correct: Professor of Activism... now go spread your knowledge!


Editors' Note

The C.R.I.M.E. Report is a bi-weekly e-newsletter published by the HAMSA initiative of the American Islamic Congress. As a briefing on alleged crimes, the newsletter spotlights the setbacks and successes of the region's expanding civil rights movement. (More)

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